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Yasmine Day: 
Songs in the Key of Me

After last year’s comeback concert extravaganza came to a screeching halt, pop diva Yasmine Day has returned to launch her fifth debut album. 

Come and see the star perform her new songs in this intimate setting before the inevitable *arena tour. There will be no bells or whistles, no smoke machine (it gave her pink eye). Just Yasmine and her talented (but not as talented as her) pianist. 




Gig list

Edinburgh Preview, Wednesday 6th July 7:30pm at the Pen Theatre

Edinburgh Preview, Wednesday 13th July 7:30pm at the Pen Theatre

Edinburgh Preview, Monday 16th July 7:00pm at The Albany

Edinburgh Preview, Wednesday 20th July 7:00pm at The Hen and Chickens 

Edinburgh fringe run: Saturday 6th August - 28th August, 7:40pm at the Voodoo Rooms with PBH's Free Fringe 

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